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Assessment & Therapy

Assessment Service

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Jigsaw Therapy Services provides bespoke assessments for children with additional needs with an emphasis on identifying and developing functional skills.

Our Occupational Therapists and Speech & Language Therapists have worked together as an integrated team for many years. We strongly believe in providing an assessment which considers the needs of the child holistically.

We offer both uni-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary assessments which can contribute towards:

  • Identifying a child’s unique strengths and needs
  • Identifying appropriate environmental adaptations, equipment and strategies to facilitate learning and maximise function
  • Identifying therapy needs
  • Diagnosis
  • Statement of Special Educational Needs

Assessments may take place in the home, nursery/school or other settings as required.

We have links with a variety of other key professionals including physiotherapy, psychology, teaching and support services.


Intervention and Therapy Service

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Following assessment, our team may recommend or provide a range of interventions including:

  • Advice on how to adapt the child’s environment
  • Advice on equipment or resources which would be beneficial to the child
  • Advice and/or coaching in the use of specific strategies to develop a child’s skills or functioning
  • Programmes of activities which can be delivered by parents/carers, school staff, home tutors, therapy assistants or therapists as appropriate.
  • Individual or small group therapy
  • Class-based support

Our therapists have experience of specific interventions including:

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